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Commercial Epoxy Paints and Coating


 Commercial Epoxy Floor Paint • Concrete Floor Repair Products • Garage Floor Paint • Urethane Coatings • High Build / High Traffic Systems

Automotive paint spray-booths, food processing plants or chemical handling areas, electronics manufacturing and assembly "clean rooms" and other commercial and industrial environments are just a few of the applications for epoxy over concrete flooring.   Epoxy / Urethane coating is an excellent choice for flooring for retail stores, warehouse / storage facilities, and many other types of businesses

Epoxy paints are extremely difficult for non-professionals. The importance of epoxy in coating a concrete slab is vital because of the bonding between the concrete and epoxy. Paints and wallcovering can become damaged as epoxy coatings fail. A well prepared surface will prevent these failures. Preparation of a surface is different depending on whether you are painting a concrete floor slab, garage concrete slab, concrete walls, etc.. Once the surface is prepared these coatings can be applied.
Industrial and commercial epoxy floor coatings can replace alternative flooring and will not break. The flooring will not become slick and is as strong as the concrete it is coating. Industrial coating and commercial coating, require a respective preparation to the known contaminants of the building environment. Taking measures to remove these chemicals from the concrete will help the epoxy coating to bond. Once bonded, additional layers of paint, sealant, urethane, etc. can be applied to the flooring.

  • Floor and wall coatings
  • Chemical stain resistant floors
  • Non-slip floor coatings
  • Concrete Acid washing
  • Crack Fillers and Sealants


  Concrete Overlays
  Concrete Resurfacing
  Stamps & Stencils
  Epoxy Floors
  Limestone Coatings
  Stained Concrete
  Stamped Concrete


Epoxy Floor Coatings


Commercial epoxy paints and coatings, by our painters, will use professional skills and application methods to deliver a finished product worth paying for. Because of an epoxy paint's thickness and bonding, it is important that a unified thickness of coating is applied to the concrete using a consistent mixture. Either of these can result in peeling or adhesive failures. Hire a professional painter experienced in commercial epoxy paints and coatings, contact Great Western Painting.

Our experience painting industrial and commercial buildings has helped us to focus only on such projects. Working within such an atmosphere some painters have skill while others do not. It is important to work with qualified painting professionals, because your industrial or commercial building demands professionalism. Speak with a representative at Great Western Painting today!  

Sorting Out Epoxy
The final critical decision is what type of epoxy to use. Epoxy floor paints are tough resins that come in two separate parts that you mix together just before you apply them. You can divide them roughly into three types: 100 percent solids,
solvent based and water based.
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The 100 percent solid type is almost pure epoxy; it doesn’t contain solvents that evaporate. These products are expensive and difficult to handle because they harden so rapidly.
They’re best left to the pros, at GWPainting

The solvent-based epoxies typically contain from 40 to 60 percent solids (epoxy). They penetrate and adhere well and are the choice of most pros. And they’re often available in a wide range of colors, which is one reason we chose this type for our demonstration. But they do have some drawbacks. The solvents are powerful and potentially hazardous; you MUST use a respirator (a 3M 5000 series respirator with an organic vapor/acid gas filter, The respirator must fit tightly to your face so you don’t breathe the fumes. In addition, you must ventilate the garage well and keep other people away from the odors.


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