Factors To Consider For For Exterior Home Painting Colors

Since the exterior of your home is visible to anyone who passes by, you want to be sure to do a great job and improve your overall curb appeal. Exterior home painting can be an extremely time-consuming and daunting task. That’s why most of us will opt for a professional exterior painter who comes with the necessary tools and experience to get the job done with the least amount of hassle.

Even if you enjoy a bit of DIY, exterior home painting could be challenging. However, you can still be in charge of important decisions such as what type of paint you want to be used.

Let’s discuss a few different factors such as paint types, precautionary measures, color selections, and other factors that go into the exterior home painting process.

Considering Exterior Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing a paint type, the main two options are oil-based and latex-based paints.  We won’t go into detail about this, but in general latex paints tend to last longer and are less hazardous to the environment.  If the material you are painting on calls for oil-based paint, then you will still be able to accomplish the same goals but should probably wear a mask and cover exposed skin when painting, as it is much more difficult to remove.

If you need to choose a paint color for the exterior home painting, there are several factors you will want to take into consideration.  If the roof tiles of your home are a bright color, then you will want to choose a color that does not clash with that. If your house has shutters and you do not plan on repainting them, then create a color scheme that works and will not require more work from you later on.

You should also decide if you want to use dark or light colors for your exterior home painting procedure.  The color of a home is similar to colors in fashion.  Black tends to show a slimmer side and may make your house appear smaller than it actually is, especially at nighttime.  Lighter houses accentuate the details but are also more likely to show any dirtiness on the façade.  So if you want to go lighter, be sure to keep the front of your house clean.  Regardless of what color you choose for exterior home painting, you should plan on repainting every five years to keep your house looking fresh.  The frequency with which you will need to repeat the exterior home painting process depends on other factors, such as climate, but in general, five years is a good benchmark.

Compare Colors With the Rest of the Neighborhood

You should also look at all the homes in your immediate vicinity of yours.  If all of the houses in your neighborhood are a homogenous color, or similar in color schemes, such as all light-colored or all dark in color, then you may want to stick to that pattern.  If you choose a bold color when houses that are all similar in color surround you, then you may be asking for trouble with your neighbors.

Gloss Level

The other major decision you will have to make when weighing your exterior home painting options is what gloss level you want.  High gloss paints are shiny and reflective in nature and are best for wooden doors and trims.  Semi-gloss paints are a better option if you want to display the finer details of your home’s exterior, however, they can also point out the home’s external flaws.  Paints with no gloss give off no shine and have a traditional flat matte finish.  There are several levels of paint glosses so find one in between these three that works for you.

How Much Do Exterior Painters Cost?

Using a professional painting company is a great option when you have a job that is too large or detailed to take on by yourself.

But let’s be honest – a lot of us do not have the time or energy to do the exterior painting ourselves. Whether it is your office or your home, some of us need professionals to come out and handle the painting.  They can add that fresh new look to your home or office in just a few days, while you sit back, read the paper and enjoy some coffee.  Of course, there will be some work on your part in this process and that is hiring professional painting companies that will do the job right the first time!

Professional Exterior Painters Come With All The Necessary Tools Experience

Professional painting companies can be used for both interior and exterior use.  Some will only paint businesses, while other companies will paint both residential and business spaces.  You will want to ensure the company you hire is skilled in residential or business. Though it may seem like the same thing, painting an office building can be a lot different than a two-story home.  Always check for references when it comes to hiring a professional painting company.  You want to ensure you will be getting a fresh and quality paint job, not a dull one that has to be redone later.  You will also want to ensure you have a say in the type of paint and colors that are used.  Sure they are professionals and can have their input, but you are the one that has to live with the final product.  So be sure to speak up and tell them just what it is that you want with your professional painting.

Professional Exterior Painters Cost

Most professional painting companies will charge hourly or per job.  When you hire them to paint just one room of the house or office, prices may vary.  Most professional painters will offer a discount or package pricing for a larger area or whole house.  Call around to get a few professional estimates and see what is included.  Be sure there are no added fees for things like stairs, windowsills, doorways, etc.  Have them come inspect the area that will be painted and see what the actual cost will be. The average professional exterior painting job can cost anywhere from $15 to $45 per hour. It can also be as little as $120 to well over $1,000 per job. It will mostly depend on the type of job you are doing and the exact tasks involved. Sometimes you can be quoted anywhere between  $1.50 and $4 per square foot. This is why it is important to shop around and get your estimates.

Depending on where you live you can find a slurry of professional painters.  Look up sites like the Better Business Bureau and make sure you are working with a reputable company.  Some companies also operate chains throughout the United States.

No matter what you are painting, a fresh coat of paint can really change the entire environment.  Pick a professional painting company that suits your taste, and budget and will be there to meet all of your demands.  You have to live with the paint job, so never be afraid of being too picky.

Here’s How To Find the Best Exterior Painting Contractor

If you have a big project, finding a great exterior painting contractor in your area can be hard. However, even for the best DIYer, getting in some professional to take care of your paint job is the best way to go.

On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about painting your house and given up trying because you simply don’t have the time, then now may be the time to consider hiring an exterior painting contractor.  And sure,  if you like to do things on your own, then this may be a hard call to make, but if you abide by the following steps, getting an exterior painting contractor may just be well worth the investment.

Here’s how to find the best exterior painting contractor in your area.

Finding a Reliable Contractor Takes a Bit of Time

The first question is where to go to get an exterior painting contractor.  Finding one online nowadays can be easy, but how do you really know what you’re getting? Always check out their reviews. This will give a good idea of the type of service you may be getting. Always keep in mind, however, that a private consultation and face-to-face meeting will be the best way for you to discuss your options. Moreover, this will give you a chance to figure out which contractor will work best for your particular exterior painting project.    You may try going to any local hardware or paint store and see if they have on-site contractors.  If they don’t have an on-site exterior painting contractor, then chances are they will know where you can find one (or more) in your area.  Contractors are often also heavily referred, so if you have any friends in your area who had someone paint their house and did a great job, don’t be afraid to ask.  They may even give you a referral discount.  If all else fails, you can always consult the yellow pages or find exterior painting contractors with online listings in your area.

Be Ready To Negotiate and Ask Questions

Once you find an exterior painting contractor that you are happy with, you can then negotiate a price.  Usually, an exterior painting contractor will give you a price quote depending on the dimensions of the exterior they are painting alongside a few other factors. These include, for example, the accessibility of the area that requires painting as well as the amount of prep that will be required.

Of course, you will want to be sure that you are given a contract specifying the details of the project in full.  Make sure that the price quote you were originally given is listed on the contract and as is the case with any contract, it goes without saying that you should read over the fine print before signing anything.

Be sure to ask about the overall process.  What will the process entail?  Is it just painting?  Is there priming, lacquering, and scraping involved?  Will they have to remove any existing paint?  Will additional paintwork or maintenance be required?  These are all important questions to ask.  It is also a good idea to try to get a time frame in writing.

Check for a Warranty

One very important thing to look out for when dealing with an exterior painting contractor is the warranty.  You want to make sure that you are given a warranty of some sort.  Seeing as most houses need to be repainted on average every five to six years, you will want a warranty that lasts at least three years.  This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your contractor will do the best job they can, or else they are going to have to return to make fixes.  In either case, it’s their problem, not yours.  If they offer a warranty, but it is not included in the original quote, you may want to look elsewhere, or at least get a price comparison from a competitor exterior painting contractor.

Hopefully, you found some useful information on how to go about hiring an exterior painting contractor.  Of course, you can always try to take on a project yourself, but there is no guarantee that the results will live up to your standards.  If it is a large-scale project, go with the exterior contractor.